Haiti calls on Putin for help

A wave of marches and protests continue in Latin America. Haiti faces protests from unsatisfied citizens, marching against corrupt and useless governmental system.

Thousands gathered in Haiti this past week, clashing with police. The protesters that remained were met with tear gas, in an effort to subdue the masses.

The march began peacefully but some protesters later threw rocks and set tires ablaze [Reuters]
Originally the protests arose in a plea to hold long-overdue elections. Dissatisfied sentiments have led citizens to march to the National Palace, a place that has been restricted for years, according to BBC. Regardless of the police force, citizens made it to the National Palace in Port-au-Prince protesting against incumbent President Michel Martelly.

Martelly was supposed to hold elections in 2011, but because of a disagreement between the executive and other legislative branches, elections have yet to take place…three years later.

Many Haitians accused the United States of supporting the country’s incumbent president. Due to this, they have turned to Russian President Vladimir Putin for support in initiating actions and governmental transition. Protesters gathered in streets holding up a poster with Putin’s face, asking for his aid.


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