Stay as long as you want, no charge applied

Initially implemented in August, the $100 fine which is supposed to be charged to foreigners leaving Costa Rica with an expired ‘term of stay card,’ has been overlooked by authorities in airports according to the Nicaraguan newspaper, La Prensa.

Due to the country’s unreliable airport technology, the fine has not been applied. The electronics do not yet ensure accurate collection information regarding the inflow and outflow of people.

The economy of Costa Rica most heavily depends on tourism, agriculture and electronics exports, according to a Princeton University study. As eco-tourism is key to the Costa Rican economy, the airports have failed to charge people who have stayed past their leave date. Although a minuscule economic loss, about 1.7 million tourists come in and out of Costa Rica per year, amounting to about $1.7 billion U.S. dollars per year (Costa Rican Embassy).


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