Polling Results and Correct Answers: Random Facts about Latin America

Fortunately, tourism to Latin American countries doesn’t look to be stopping as 100 percent of people who answered the Latin America Survey answered “yes” to traveling there.

Question 2: From which country/countries does Tango originate from?

About 57 percent of survey takers answered that the starting regions of Tango are Argentina and Chile, 29 percent said Argentina and Uruguay, while 14% claimed that the Tango originated in Colombia and Peru. The correct answer however, is that the Tango originated within the region of Argentina and Uruguay. It was heavily European influenced, as Uruguay and Argentina have a heavily European descent population. The dance was started as something scandalous in the streets between men and prostitutes in the 1890’s, but today is a famous intimate dance between partners.

Question 3: Which of the following is the biggest cocaine producer in the world?

Colombia is the Latin American country most associated to drug trade and the production of cocaine. These sentiment was supported as 100 percent of pollers voted Colombia as the biggest cocaine producer in the world. However, the reality is, in the past year Peru has surpassed Colombia in the cultivation of the coca leaf and manufacturing of cocaine.

Question 4: Which country’s president has recently created very warm relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

This question got an array of answers, 43 percent voted Chile as the country whom Putin has drawn closer to, 29 percent said Argentina, while the other 29% said Mexico. The truth however, is that Russian President Vladamir Putin and Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner have become trade partners, but even stronger ideological partners.


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