Free Trade: Does it really benefit all?

OP-ED: In economics, from day one you are taught the “Principles of Economics.” One of these principles, is that trade is always beneficial. Trade allows diversity into the market, trade leads to international interactions and trade leads to economic growth. But, in analyzing trade the variables behind what is specifically trade are left out. It as if economics assumes that in the trading system all are equal, when in fact they are not.

The material economy of: production, cultivation, processing, packaging, delivery and consumption…the perfect system of a world with free trade is not all that it seems. Although a linear model of production is easier to comprehend, “we live in a finite world, not in one of a linear system,” as said by the speaker of this capitalism-questioning video.

“La vida real no ocurre en una pagina en blanco; interactura con sociedades, culturas, economias, el ambiente…”

The economic system is not one that can be easily drawn on paper, because it is interacting with all sorts of variables such as different societies, cultures, economies and environments. Another thing too, is that at every step there are limits. In writing down an economic system and international trade and production, variables such as people that are in the mix of the “production, cultivation, exportation,” process are forgotten.

In analyzing this video, it is saying that with one of the biggest populations in the world, the United States has cultivated most of its own resources. The answer therefore is for it to turn to other countries for resources to survive off of. However, the system takes advantage of the weak infrastructures of other countries and inevitably exploits them. However it is not just the United States, it is developed countries over those that are struggling to develop, that become ensnared in the facade of a free market. As said, a free market and free trade is not always beneficial for everyone.


Hay que ver que todavía son “países de la cosecha,” es decir que, hay países quien están atrapados en el sistema del libre comercio. Bajo el sistema del libre comercio estés países son como esclavos quien producen cosas necesarias con sus recursos, pero todo no vale la pena, porque reciben menos dinero de los quien al final venden los productos a un precio más alto. Los productores originales no reciben los beneficios reales del mercado libre.


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