$3.75 billion Chinese High-Speed Train Construction Cancelled by Mexican Government

Mexico rejects Chinese investment on the construction of a high-speed “bullet train.” China, Mexico’s second largest importation partner has greatly increased relations with fellow APEC partner. Mexican President Nieto will be visiting Beijing this coming week, however Nieto commented that he cut the project because he wanted the process to be “legitimate and transparent.”

The bid for the 130 mile railway has been re-opened as Mexican lawmakers accused the government of being biased towards the China Railway Corporation (CRCC). The proposal deadline date which was originally October 15th, was only met by CRCC, other applicants such as, Germany’s Siemens, Canada’s Bombardier, and France’s Alstom were considered. Japan’s Mitsubishi had also shown interest in sponsoring the project.

With the construction of the high-speed, “bullet train,” Mexico would be the first in Latin America to construct this advanced form of public transportation. Similar project developments were underway in Brazil and Argentina, but both projects have been postponed.

“The president wants this project which is so important for Mexico to not be questioned, to have absolute clarity,” Transportation Minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said. (BBC)

The development of the train would be a direct form of transportation between the capital of Mexico City and the central city of Queretaro.

High-speed train development. Photo: Washington Post

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