The Peruvian Dream

Peru, a country much more than a mineral exporting company, has shown significant economic growth in the past six years. Not only has its economy grown, but it has been one of the fastest growing in all of Latin America. However as Foreign Affairs has pointed out, Peru has been somewhat of a contradiction within the beginning of the twenty-first century.

As discussed previously in this blog, Peruvians in recent times have been marked by terrorism which started in the 80’s and was followed by strict authoritarian president, Alberto Fujimori. Although within the past decade, Peru has practiced a relatively democratic type style government, and has been open to the free market and trade, Peruvians continuously survey with the lowest satisfaction of democracy in Latin America, according to Foreign Affairs.

On one hand, politically many Peruvians are scarred by their recent past, and on the other is the opportunity cost of being a heavily cultivated export country. Although attaining economic growth, many Peruvians were and are unsettled with the free market, believing that they were not reaping sufficient benefits from their country’s mass exports.

Now, the country is changing and the people are speaking out against corruption and for greater equality. A new sense of nationalism has taken of the country as many Peruvians want to share and celebrate their rich culture.

In September, before the Peruvian elections, Limenos (Lima residents) took to the streets in a march against corruption.

March against corruption scheduled for September 24
Citizens around Lima took to the streets to demonstrate against corruption in the time of elections in September. (Photo: Wikimedia/ Smiley.toerist) –Peru This Week

In the video posted, the Peruvian dream is shown, because of the economic growth and opportunities Peru has to offer, foreigners come flooding to their border. This comedic video demonstrates a dream of not only Peruvians, but of Latin America, of countries rich in culture. These countries still struggling to develop past their inequality, corrupt governments, and fighting for sovereignty while participating in the global market.

Peru has come a long way, this video represents a dream, but also a developing reality. Who doesn’t want to visit Machu Picchu and see the empire of the Inkas or eat Ceviche on the beach?


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