A step away from dictatorship, but how far?

“Here we put a stop to this dictatorship,” Peruvian President Ollanta Humala said to a city in Peru called Moquegua. Reported by El Comercio, Humala, reminisced on him and his brother working along side in the armed forces to over throw the dictatorship lead by Alberto Fujimori from 1990-2000.

“To his supporters, Alberto Fujimori was the president who saved Peru from the twin evils of terrorism and economic collapse,” reported BBC News.

However to all the rest, he was a power hungry dictator who perpetuated his own rule and presidency with a disregard for basic democratic principles, further noted BBC.

Humala en Moquegua: "Aquí le hicimos el pare a esa dictadura"
Peruvian President Ollanta Humala traveled to Moquegua, Peru to discuss the positive move away from Peru’s dictatorship past. Photo: El Comercio Archive

In incumbent President Humala’s speech, he speaks against those who were selling out the country by using money for self interests. Those who controlled everything with money, by buying media, authorities, and powers of the state.

“Together we stood up against the corruption of the 90’s, against the dictatorship that had confiscated our rights and against spurious reelections where he [Fujimori] was taking the turn away from the people, for them to vote for their national interests and support minor subordinate interests,” said Humala remembering the stance him and his country took against the Fujimori dictatorship.

Humala, has become a more moderate president and played down his former leftist ties and past relations with Venezuelan Hugo Chavez, has wanted to adopt a system like that of Brazil. A system lead by former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva which promotes a Workers Party, or rather reduces the economic disparities within the country. BBC noted,

“His critics worry he will move Peru in a more populist, authoritarian direction and damage the economy. Mr Humala has insisted he will respect the constitution and the rule of law, swearing on the Bible in May to uphold democracy and press freedom.”

Humala has been and plans to continue extracting Peru’s mineral resources, which account for more than half of Peru’s total exports, and use that money to implement projects to reduce poverty.


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