Anti-Capitalism, Anti- U.S.–Switching to Alternate Partners

Photo: Telegraph
“Fuera Los Gringos,” out with the white guys, signifying and obscured demonic version of Uncle Sam. Photo: Telegraph (Venezuela)
“Los Pueblos de Latino America no aceptamos la imposicion del ALCA.” Photo: RebelsandThugs
fuera imperialistas
“…Olas de pueblo, montanas de pueblo, haciendo la historia de un continente NUEVO.” “Fuera Imperialistas de America Latina!” Waves of people, mountains of people, making the story of a new continent. Imperialists out of Latin America! Photo: Mike’s Bogota Blog (Colombia)
Photo: Paul Street
“Fuera El Imperialismo,” a command meaning out with imperialism. Photo: Paul Street (Venezuela)
"Fuera USA de Bolivia." Photo: TheWe
“Fuera USA de Bolivia.” Photo: TheWe

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