Weapons para que?

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.                             (photo- RIA)

In the wake of protests last spring in Venezuela, the country grapples with growing international exportation demands, but also robust social and civil frustration. Venezuela faces a peculiar situation.

Is the country ready to become a renowned global competitor, or will it’s social imbalances and political strife lead it to the inevitable fall, that is expected of an unstable developing country? Despite the possible responses, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is gearing up tackling both problems at the same time: promoting international arms trade by importing weapons while helping to control it’s unsettled citizens with force if necessary.

As Maduro acts on his own, following after Hugo Chavez, he has made recent deals to increase arms trade among Venezuela, Russia, and China. Maduro, who has spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jingping hopes to enlarge the country’s weapon supply with new cutting-edge equipment.

According to General Igor Korotchenko, at the Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade, by 2015 Venezuela is expected to become the second largest importer of Russian arms in the world, total sales reaching up to $3.2 billion.

According to Ria Novosti, one of the largest Russian news agencies,

Venezuela received Russian air defense systems (Antey-2500, Pechora-2M, Buk and Igla) as well as T-72M tanks, Grad and Smerch multiple rocket launcher systems, armored vehicles and artillery.”


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