Russia Promoting Nuclear Development in Argentina

Putin clearly taking advantage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup being held in Brasil, as he decided to make a Latin America tour out of it, before reaching Brasil for the final game.

This July, in Buenos Aires, Putin met with Argentinian president, Kristina Fernandez de Kircher finalizing Russian plans to help build Argentina’s third nuclear power plant. Both presidents commented that the nuclear development will be for peaceful purposes.

With the invasion of Crimea last Spring by Russian forces, that are still ever-so present there today, it is curious to see Putin outside of the former Soviet realm. Putin, however is continually working to prove that Russia is not simply a “regional power,” as President Obama mentioned in an address to the nation.

“Mr. Putin said he “highly valued” Argentina’s stance on international issues, and noted that the growth in trade between the countries had increased by double digits in the past year,” according to Jonathan Gilbert of the New York Times.

Ironically, President Kircher, had accused many Western leaders of hypocrisy, as Crimea and its people had the right to vote in favor of Russia and to become apart of the nation, denying westernization and further integration into the European Union.


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